vancouver creative jam

people's and judge's choice award winner

On July, I was invited to a Creative Jam in Vancouver, a fun creative event for graphic designers powered by Adobe. Creative Jam is a unique creative experience where designers compete in a graphic battle using Adobe Creative Cloud, while local leaders share their process on stage in front of a large audience. 


After 4 hours of hard work, all the jammers went on stage to present what they came up within this time and I was selected as a winner for both People and Judge design awards for my visual campaign proposal for Canada's 150 anniversary.

Partner: Adobe Creative Cloud

Discipline: Calligraphy, Lettering & Social Media


Multidisciplinary design studio in Guadalajara, MX and beyond. Led by Alejandro Solórzano, a young design engineer by trade and a creative lettering artist by choice with a thing for graphics. 

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