My name is Alejandro Solórzano from Guadalajara, Mexico. I’m a product design engineer by trade and creative lettering artist by choice who focuses on the development of tailored design solutions to make lifestyle brands stand out. 

Entered the world of design through one of my favorite hobbies: calligraphy. With the main goal of practicing everyday, I started @JansArts, an Instagram account where I was able to share numerous hand-lettered quotes and graphics with a positive message to a highly engaged audience, as well as the creative process that I followed day by day to create each piece. Through the time, @JansArts has evolved into a boutique studio, which has also given me the freedom to work independently in multiple professional projects including branding, calligraphy and graphic design services.

Thanks to the power of social media, my collection of story-driven visuals has amassed thousands of followers worldwide, allowing me the opportunity to build a full-time design business around my passion and collaborate with global brands like Pandora, Happy Socks, AFAR, to name a few.

When I’m not designing, I’m busy staying up late looking for inspiration, traveling around the world or hanging out with my friends—always accompanied by my favorite music playlists and tasty food.



Logo Design

Brand and Identity Design

Social Media


Social Media Content

Calligraphy & Lettering

Hand-Lettered Logotypes

 Marketing Materials


Special Events

Calligraphy Inquiries

Brand Collaborations

& 1:1 training

Social Media, Calligraphy and Lettering educational workshops. 



Schedule a first meeting. Gather references, inspiration and resources on the topic or issue. Define the brief.


Isolate the problem. Brainstorm and analyze ideas. Find possible solutions.


Design and make stuff. Test that stuff to see what works best.


Presentation of concepts. Work on the client's feedback and final revisions.


I really enjoy working with my clients to help them resolve their design problems and face new incredible challenges with each single project. I believe in the power of good design as an effective communication tool for your business, so together, we can build memorable assets that will make your brand stand out from others.


Get to know me better on Instagram and be part of the #JansArmy


Multidisciplinary design studio in Guadalajara, MX and beyond. Led by Alejandro Solórzano, a young design engineer by trade and a creative lettering artist by choice with a thing for graphics. 


hello@jansarts.com    |    Based in Guadalajara, Mexico

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